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Claims upon violation of intellectual property rights

We at agriculturelearning.com respect the intellectual property rights, which may include copyright, design, trademark, data, media (audio and video clips, images etc.), service mark, trade names and Intellectual property of others and prohibit the users of our website from uploading, posting, transmitting or distributing any material from this platform. Engaging in any of the above mentioned activities would be considered as violation of copyrights.

Intellectual property (IP) that are a part of or are associated with our website exclusively belong to us (agriculturelearning.com) and IP of other websites that advertise on this platform belong to their respective owners. IP displayed on this platform is for personal and non-commercial use. The use of IP from our website for receiving any remuneration or money would be considered as a commercial use and is prohibited. Doing so without the prior permission of (agriculturelearning.com) or other owners is considered as a violation of Intellectual Property Rights of our website, which could lead to termination of your account on this platform and also allows us to proceed with legal actions against such violation of rights.


According to the copyright rule 75(1), 2013 and other amendments, one can report any material or work, which violates the copyrights of others in a written communication that should include the following:

  • The description of the work that has violated the rules and should also include the details about the work or subject matter that has been infringed.
  • The details of the licensee who holds the copyrights of the work.
  • Location information where the accidental storage of work is being done.
  • Details of the person, who has been violating the copyright rules.
  • A note specifying that the licensee would file a violation suit against the person responsible for infringement along with orders from the court within twenty-one days from the receipt of the notice.

Final decision about all these notices vests with us.


Before filing any of the above notices in the written form, we suggest you to consult an advocate. The person who has violated the rules knowingly or by mistake would be held liable for the infringement. It is clearly understood that mistakes can happen but we are intolerant to repeated copyright infringers. So, if (agriculturelearning.com) finds a complaint willfully correct and detects that violation has occurred without a prior permission then our website holds the sole discretion of cancelling the account and prohibiting the person or account holder from further access to the platform. If such a person continues to use the platform then it is very clear that they acknowledge the agreement and agree to the rights of (agriculturelearning.com) to cancel the account upon violation of copyright rules.


Please don't forget to share this article

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